Product List
For coal washing and coal preparation

General information

Coal washing or coal preparation refers to various operations performed on run-of-mine coal to prepare it for specific end use, without destroying the physical identity of the coal. It is applied to wash coal of soil and rock, and crush it into graded sized chunks, and stockpiles grades.

Customer requirement

1. No specific requirements for single casing or double casing.
2. Shaft seal used expeller seal. Packing seal and seal water can affect industrial processing.
3. Use inlet or outlet metric flange. As for flange, it’s better to use the same standard. 1MPa (outlet) and 0.6MPa (inlet) are suggested.
4. Filter press feed pump: flow rate and head vary greatly. No overload for the whole operation. The competitor uses double impeller structure.

Product Requirement Plan

1. Base installation size is adjustable.
2. At least two kinds of material for option are suggested. One is for high abrasive application and the other for low abrasive application.
3. As for high abrasive application, pump structure can be double casing. Appropriate reduction to wet parts thickness and strength analysis are suggested for our products.
4. As for low abrasive applications, pump structure can be single casing. The standard of wet parts material can be lowered.
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