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Centrifugal Froth Pump


Delin provides various pumping products in China. Centrifugal froth pump is the latest generation of froth pump/foam pump based on advanced technology at home and abroad. This type is vertical centrifugal froth pump. This pump is ideal product for the transportation of slurries with lots of froth, especially the slurries in the flotation process. Application of Centrifugal Froth Pump Centrifugal froth pump are widely used in the mining, coal washing, power plant, metallurgy, petrochemical, building material, dredging, and other industrial departments, etc.

Typical Application

1. Iron Ore Dressing Plant
2. Copper Concentration Plant
3. Gold Mine Concentration Plant
4. Molybdenum Concentration Plant
5. Potash Fertilizer Plant
6. Other Mineral Processing Plants
7. Other industries

Features of Centrifugal Froth Pump

1. Centrifugal froth pump is suitable for transporting slurry with froth, especially for flotation processing.
2. Centrifugal froth pump can eliminate the froth or foam in the running slurry and work normally even if the feeding slurry is not enough.
3. The feeding suction in the tangent line can accelerate slurry transportation and eliminate part of the froth.
4. The belt and pulley are easy to be altered in order to change the speed according to the working condition.
5. Interchangeable wet parts are made of special alloy, rubber or other wear-resistant materials according to slurry properties.

Typical one

Specifications of Centrifugal Froth Pump 50DF

1、Flow Rate is 4.3-51 m³/h
2、The head is 6.2-30.2m
3、Rotation speed of our centrifugal froth pump is 800-1800 r/min
4、Maximum Performance: 20-45%
5、Maximum Flow Particle Size: 35 mm
6、Maximum Powers Allowable: 15 KW
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