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Centrifugal Gravel Pump


Delin Machinery offers a wide assortment of pumping solutions in China, including centrifugal gravel pumps or other horizontal solid pumps types. This series includes centrifugal gravel pumps and horizontal solid pumps. They adopt single stage, singe suction and horizontal cantilever construction. According to the pressure of operation, the pumps are classified into single-casing and double-casing pumps. Our centrifugal gravel pump belongs to single-casing pumps. The lubrication media of base type are grease and oil.

Application of Centrifugal Gravel Pump

Delin centrifugal gravel pumps are used for river course, reservoir desalting, coastal reclamation, stretching, deep-sea mining and tailing acquisition etc. Typical Application of Horizontal Solid Pump Sand excavation, coal, power plant, mineral processing plants and etc are typical applications of our centrifugal gravel pump.

Features of Centrifugal Gravel Pump

1. Shaft Seal: expeller drive seal, packing seal, and Mechanical seal
2. Broad Flow Passage & Good Anti- Cavitation Property & Highly Efficient Wear Resistance
3. The wet parts are made of Ni-hard and high-chrome wear-resistant alloys with good anti-corrosive property. 4. The standard seal type is packing seal.
5. Our horizontal solid pumps all come with good performance of NPSH.

Typical one:

Specifications of Centrifugal Gravel Pump DG450X400-T:

1.Flow Rate: 864-3816 m³/h
2.Head: 9-48m
3.Rotation Speed: 250-500 r/min
4.Maximum Performance: 60-72%
5.NPSH: 3-6m
6.Suction Diameter: 250mm
7.Discharge Diameter: 400mm
8.Maximum Flow Particle Size: 254 mm
9.Weight: 10800kg
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