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Single Stage Slurry Pump


Detailed Description

Single stage slurry pump is also a type of centrifugal horizontal slurry pump. As one of the largest centrifugal slurry pump manufacturers in China, we are committed to providing our customer with top quality product and best customer service. Single stage slurry pump is designed for high pressure and long distance pumping of general slurry. The suction inlet is an inverse type, so that the load on the shaft seal is reduced. No leakage guaranteed. Application of Single Stage Slurry Pump Centrifugal single stage slurry pump is applicable in coal, mine, electricity power, metallurgy, building materials industries, etc to transfer highly corrosive high-density slurry.


1. This centrifugal slurry pump comes with abrasive/corrosive resistant design and long service life.
2. The centrifugal single stage slurry pump is of outstanding performance, broad application and high efficiency. 3. Our centrifugal slurry pump can adopt multistage design to meet the requirements of long-distance transportation.
4. For flow passage components, a variety of materials is available for selection.
5. This centrifugal slurry pump is highly cost effective, easy to maintain and repair.
6. The service of model selection of centrifugal single stage slurry pump is available for users.

Features of Single Stage Slurry Pump

1. With double casing design, the single stage slurry pump features high efficiency and wear-resistance.
2. Our single stage slurry pump comes with stable performance and compact design with interchangeable common parts.
3. The material of liner and impeller adopts wear-resistant metal or rubber, the discharge port can be rotated at 8 different angles at intervals of 45°.
4. This slurry pump can be driven by belt or directly.
5. The seal of shaft can adopt gland seal , expeller seal or mechanical seal , the direction of rotation should be clockwise seeing from the drive end.

Typical one:

Specifications of 50X40DH(R)-B Centrifugal Slurry Pump:

1. Maximum power allowable in this single stage slurry pump is 15KW.
2. Impeller and plate liner can adopt wear resistant alloy materials.
3. For water clearance performance: according to different materials of impeller and volute liner, pump flow rate could be 32.4-72 m³/h or 25.2-54 m³/h; Water raising capacity could be 6-58m or 5.5-41m, rotating speed could be 1200-3200 r/min or 1000-2600 r/min, the maximum efficiency could achieve 45% or 50%, and net positive suction head could be 3.5-8m and 2.5-5m.
4. 5 impellers, diameters: 184mm and 178mm.
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