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Rubber Lined Slurry Pump


Grouped by liner materials, there are alloy slurry pumps that use grey cast iron or cast iron liners, and abrasion resistant rubber lined slurry pump. Most of our lined centrifugal pumps are rubber lined slurry pumps with corrosion resistant property, because rubber lining protects pump from corrosion and abrasion problems and has long service life. They are light, easy to install and corrosion resistant. The possible downside of rubber lined slurry pumps: the rubber is soft, and it may be deformed at fast rotating speed, so the delivery head would be low.The seal of shaft can adopt gland seal or expeller seal. The discharge port can be positioned at 8 different angles at intervals of 45° for installation. According to different parameters of slurries and delivery head, there are different models of slurry pumps and flow passage materials.

Application of Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Pump

Rubber lined centrifugal pumps are widely used to transport corrosive/abrasive and high concentration slurry in many industries such as electricity, metallurgy, iron ore, chemical industry, steel, coal, mineral sands, lead and zinc. Other industries include molybdenum, electric utilities, oil shale,and water & sewage utilities, building areas, sand & gravel. Multi-stage for this rubber lined slurry pump can also be applicable.

Advantage of Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Pump

1. Quality Advantage: Our Company has long been engaged in exporting corrosion resistant slurry pumps. Our rubber lined slurry pumps are better than others in the same field not only for their appearance but also for their top quality. Additionally, the rubber lined slurry pumps will be inspected starting from the casting. We ensure the pump quality of every component and the complete machine overall. 2. Material Inspection: we have equipment for material analysis such as spectrum analyzer, the impact toughness tester, universal strength tester and tensile tester etc. 3. Performance inspection: Our Company owns the largest water test base for corrosion resistant centrifugal pumps in North China, ensuring reliability and quality of rubber lined slurry pumps.


High Wear Resistant Natural Rubber:

1. With excellent resilience , strength and resistance to tearing and abrasion , our horizontal centrifugal slurry pump has better abrasion resistance than high chrome alloy.
2. Chemical property is stable, with higher corrosion resistance against acid and alkali than high chrome alloy.
3. It is with higher cavitation resistance than high chrome alloy.
4. Low density, light , and easy to stall.
5. Other benefits include reducing noise and vibration.

Typical one

Specifications of 75X50DH(R)-C Horizontal Corrosion Resistant Centrifugal Pump:

1. Maximum power applicable is 30KW.
2. Impeller and plate liner can adopt changeable wear resistant alloy materials.
3. Water clearance performance: according to different materials of impeller and volute liner, pump flow rate can be divided into 38.6-86.4m³/h and 36-75.6 m³/h; Delivery head can be 12-64m and 13-46m, rotating speed can be 1300-2700 r/min and 1300-2300 r/min, the maximum efficiency can achieve 55% and 60%, and net positive suction head can be 4-6m and 2-4m.
4. This rubber lined slurry pump has 5 impellers and the diameters are 214mm and 213mm.
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