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Mining Duty Slurry Pump


We provide horizontal slurry pumps for various pumping solutions in China. Mining duty slurry pumps are the first choice for mines around the world, offering reliable performance in a tough operating environment. Application of Mining Duty Slurry Pump The mining duty slurry pump is suitable for delivering low density slurries for metallurgical, mining, coal, and power departments, for example slurries delivering in mining, metallurgical, electric power, steel mill and chemical industrial departments.

Advantages of Mining Duty Slurry Pump

1. Large diameter, slow rotation and highly efficient impellers offer maximum wear life and lower operating costs. 2. Thick elastomer or metal bolt-in liners provide superior corrosion resistance plus offer ease of liner replacement, reduce maintenance costs and maximize service life. Minimal shaft/impeller overhang reduces shaft deflection.
3. Grease or oil lubricated bearing options facilitate an easy and quick maintenance.
4. Cartridge-style bearing assembly allows fulfilling maintenance in a clean environment without removal of the pump with reliable operation and prolonged bearing life.

Features of Mining Duty Slurry Pump

1. Pump frame plate and cover plate are lined with replaceable metal material. The lining material is a wear-resistant high chromium alloy. It can be used until it’s worn out, extending maintenance cycle and reducing operation cost.
2. The design of our mining duty horizontal slurry pump comes with outstanding performance and broad application.
3. Mining duty slurry pump can adopt a multistage design to meet the requirements of long-distance transportation. Different kinds of metal for flow passage component are optional.
4. Long service life and high operation efficiency offer reliable performance in a tough operating environment, which is another advantage of our mining duty slurry pump.
5. Shaft Component: adopting cylinder structure, convenient to adjust the gap between impeller and front wearing plate.
6. The mining duty slurry pump can be disassembled temporarily for maintenance. The shaft uses grease lubrication.
7. Shaft Seal: Expeller drive seal, Packing seal, Mechanical seal.  
8. Driving Method: V Belt Drive, Elastic Shaft Coupling Transmission, Gear Box Drive, Fluid Coupling Transmission, Variable Frequency Drive Device and Thyristor Speed Control.

Typical one for Mining Duty Horizontal Slurry Pump:

Specifications of Mining Duty Slurry Pump 150X100DH(R)-D 200X150DH(R)-R:

1. Maximum power applicable to our horizontal slurry pump is 300KW.
2. Impeller and sleeve can adopt changeable rubber and metal materials.
3. Performance: according to different materials of impeller and volute liner, pump flow rate can be divided into 360-828 m³/h and 324-720 m³/h; Delivery head can be 10-61m and 7-49m, rotating speed can be 500-1140 r/min and 400-1000 r/min, the maximum efficiency can achieve 72% and 65%, and net positive suction head can be 2-9m and 5-10m.
4. This horizontal slurry pump has 5 impellers.
5. The diameter of our mining duty slurry pump is 510mm.
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