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Slurry Pump


There are many different types of slurry pumps utilized for pumping slurries. It is a type of equipment that uses centrifugal force created by a rotating impeller to increase the pressure of liquid and solid mixture and convert electrical energy into kinetic and potential energy. The horizontal or vertical slurry pump is designed to allow the passage of slurries with large size particles or highly abrasive solid, so it needs to be abrasion resistant and have anti-wear property.
Hebei Delin Machinery Co., Ltd offers a complete range of slurry pumps for various pumping applications. Manufacturing the state-of-the-art pump is our commission. Our product range includes horizontal and vertical slurry pumps of different series. For horizontal slurry pumps, there are DH (R) Series, DM(R) Series, and DG Series of slurry pumps for various applications such as mining, coal, gravel and etc. Classified by impeller suction way, there are single-suction and double-suction pumps. By the number of impeller, there are single & multi-stage slurry pumps etc. For vertical slurry pumps, there are DF (DHF) Series froth pumps and DV(R) Series

Typical Application

1、Mining and mineral processing
6、Chemical industry
7、Land reclamation
8、With increasing focus on environmental protection and energy constraints, much wider applications for horizontal or vertical slurry pumps are expected to be created in the future.
a、Diameter ranges from 25mm to 1200mm
b、Flow rates 5-30000m3/h
c、Heads 5-120m Main materials include high chrome wear white cast iron, ultra high chrome hypereutectic wear white cast iron, low-carbon high chrome wear & abrasion resistant alloy, carbon steel, stainless steel, duplex stainless steel, nodular cast iron etc. In addition, mold-pressing natural rubber, components or machines of synthetic rubber material are also available. There are mainly two types of our slurry pumps: horizontal and vertical. Vertical slurry pumps include DF (DHF), DV(R) series, and horizontal slurry pumps include DH(R), DM(R), and DG series.


1、 Delin has long experience in exporting centrifugal slurry pumps. Delin horizontal and vertical slurry pumps are better than others in the same industrial field not only for their good appearance but also for their top quality. The products will be inspected strictly starting from their casting. We ensure Delin horizontal and vertical slurry pumps are featured with the absolute quality of every component and the complete machine.
2、Material Inspection for Centrifugal Slurry Pump: Delin owns equipment for material analysis such as spectrum analyzer, the impact toughness tester, universal strength tester and tensile tester etc.

Performance testing

Delin owns the largest water testing base for horizontal and vertical slurry pumps in North China, ensuring reliability and quality of the products.

Technical Advantage

The advantages include CFD performance analysis, CFX cavitations performance analysis, three-dimensional assembly drawings analysis, modal analysis and strength analysis.

Spare Parts

1、They adopt high chrome alloy, natural rubber, etc.
2、Discharge Diameter ranges from 25mm to 450mm
3、Flow rates 10-5400m3
4、Heads 7-118m

Payment terms: T/T


Wooden case is used for transportation, ensuring the safety of the product. Additionally, the wooden case will be fumigated at customs for the safety at sea.

Transportation of Horizontal and Vertical Slurry Pump

Basing on our long exporting experience, we transport by air, by sea or by railway according to the customer’s requirements.


1. When in operation, the slurry pump should be placed on the ground, water absorption tube underwater and irrigation pump is also needed for start-up.
2. As for sump slurry pump and mud pump, due to their structural limitations, their motors need to be placed above water, with pumps underwater when in operation. They should be placed in a fixed or firm position; otherwise, motor may get damaged by falling into water. Additionally, because the length of the shaft may be fixed, the installation could be troublesome and their applications may be largely limited.
3. If there is a spare slurry pump, using two pumps in turn is suggested, in case of jamming of a pump. It’s also suggested to cover a net on the inlet to prevent impurities from entering the slurry pump.