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Single Stage Single Suction Cantilever Gravel Pump


We are one of professional providers of gravel pump or sand pump in China. Single suction single stage gravel pump is among Delin DG series gravel pumps. The construction of this type of gravel pump or sand pump is horizontal cantilever design. Lubrication method of base type is grease and oil lubrication. Application(Sand Pump) Our gravel/sand pump can be used for the continuous transportation of high abrasive materials that normal slurry pumps may not be able to transport due to big size particles or solids. This single stage gravel pump or sand pump is mainly applied for river course, reservoir desalting, coastal reclamation, stretching, deep-sea mining and tailing acquisition etc.

Features (Sand Pump)

1. Broad path created by single casing and clamp bands connection.
2. Our single suction single stage pump has a unique design to make maintenance and wet parts replacement convenient.
3. The wet parts are made of Ni-hard and high-chrome wear-resistant alloys with good anti-corrosive property.
4. The discharge direction of our gravel pump can be oriented in any direction of 360°.
5. The standard seal type for our single stage gravel pump is packing seal.

Typical one for Single Suction Single Stage Gravel Pump:

Specifications of Single Stage Gravel Pump DG200X150-E:

1、Flow Rate: 137-576 m³/h
2、Head: 10-48m
3、Rotation Speed: 800-1400 r/min
4、Maximum Performance: 50-60%
5、NPSH: 3-4.5m
6、Suction Diameter: 200mm
7、Discharge Diameter: 150mm
8、Maximum Flow Particle Size: 127mm
9、Weight: 1120kg
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