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Double Casing Dredge Pump


1. This double casing pump is a single stage, single-suction centrifugal dredge pump.
2. According to the volume of discharging pressure, the dredging pump structure is of two kinds: single and double pump casings. Single casing dredge pump features light weight and small volume. Double casing dredge pump is designed with safety assurance and high level of reliability. Even when the volute liner is nearly worn-out, the pump room will not leak.
3. This is a type of sump double casing dredge pump, and submerged depth can meet different application requirements.
4. As for bearings, this centrifugal dredge pump adopts famous domestic and foreign brand bearings for fail-free and long working time. According to the driving type, double casing dredge pumps can be divided into two kinds of typical structures, one is with self-bracket, and the other is with pump and gearbox (i.e., gear box, motor as a whole).
5. Lubrication of the self-bracket type has two variants, grease or oil lubrication. Application of Double Casing Dredge Pump The mining gravel pump is used for river course, reservoir desalting, coastal reclamation, stretching, deep-sea mining and tailing acquisition etc.

Features of Double Casing Dredge Pump

1. As one type of DG series dredge pumps, horizontal dredge pumps adopt front dismantling structure for the ease of disassembling and maintenance.
2. According to different features of component, there is a special dismantling device equipped.
3. Impeller and shaft adopt a standard thread connection and have no release collar, which makes it convenient to disassemble the impeller.

Typical one

Specification of Double Casing Dredge Pump DG250X200MS

1、Flow rate of this centrifugal dredge pump is 520-1000m³/h
2、Head: 38-65m
3、Rotation speed is 850r/min
4、Maximum performance of double casing dredge pump is 70%-74%
6、Suction diameter of this centrifugal dredge pump is 250mm
7、Discharge diameter of double casing dredge pump is 200mm
8、Maximum Flow Particle Size 180mm
9、Weight: 3000kg
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