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Double Suction Sump Slurry Pump


Double suction sump slurry pumps are designed for vertical cantilever type, single casing, and double suction and semi-open impeller. The impeller is made of high-chromium alloy or rubber, and the gap between impeller and liner is adjustable to assure the high-efficient operation. These centrifugal sump pumps do not require any shaft seal and the wet parts of pumps are made of rubber and the parts contacting with slurry is lined with rubber. They are suited to deliver corrosive slurries. The pumps may be driven by belt or direct coupling.


Double suction sump slurry pumps are suitable for transporting high abrasive, high density and large particle size slurry, widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, electricity, and environment protection.
Typical Application for the Centrifugal Sump Pump:
1. Iron Ore Dressing Plant
2. Copper Concentration Plant
3. Gold Mine Concentration Plant
4. Molybdenum Concentration Plant
5. Potash Fertilizer Plant
6. Other Mineral Processing Plants
7. Alumina Industry
8. Coal
9. Power Plant
10. Sand Excavation
11. Building Material Industry
12. Chemical Industry
13. Other industries

Features of double suction sump slurry pumps

1. Single casing structure with the advantages of light weight, small volume, easy installation.
2. Anti-abrasive wet parts made of high-chrome alloys.
3. Transmission shaft and suction pipe could be chosen according to liquid surface of the slurry pool.
4. Slurry pump agitator could be installed to improve transfer efficiency;
5. This centrifugal sump pump is able to run smoothly at various speeds.

Typical one

Specification of Vertical Slurry Pump 40(L) DVR
1 Maximum power allowable for this centrifugal sump pump is 15kW
2 Sleeve and impeller adopting rubber material
3 Flow rate of our sump pump can achieve 8-40m³/h
4 Head: 4-26m
5 Rotation Speed: 1000-2200 r/min
6 Highest Efficiency is 40%
7 Impellers and the diameter is 188mm
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