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Double Casing Slurry Pump


We provide horizontal slurry pumps for various pumping solutions in China. Double casing slurry pumps are the first choice for mines around the world , offering reliable performance in a tough operating environment. Application of Double Casing Slurry Pump Double casing horizontal slurry pumps are suitable for delivering abrasive, high density slurries in the metallurgical, mining, coal, and power industries, etc. for example, undressed ore, middling, concentrates, tailings etc.

Features of Double Casing Slurry Pump

1.As a type of horizontal slurry pump, double casing slurry pump features high efficiency, wear-resistance, stable performance and interchangeability.
2.Discharge branch can be positioned at 8 different positions at intervals of 45°.
3.This horizontal slurry pump is able to upgrade with more stages if pumping requirements change.
4.For the drive mode of double casing slurry pump, it could be supplied with DC (direct connection) or V-belt drive.
5.The seal of shaft may adopt gland seal, expeller seal or mechanical seal. It should rotate clockwise seeing from a driving end.

Typical one:

Specifications of Horizontal Slurry Pump 100X75DH(R)-C:

1. Maximum power applicable is 30KW.
2. Changeable rubber and metal materials can be used for double casing slurry pump.
3. Water clearance performance of the double casing slurry pump: according to different materials of impeller and volute liner, pump flow rate can be 86.4-198 m³/h and 79.2-180 m³/h; Delivery head can be 9-52m and 5-34.5m, rotating speed can be 1000-2200 r/min and 800-1800 r/min, the maximum efficiency can achieve 71% and 59%, and net positive suction head can be 4-6m and 3-5m.
4. This horizontal slurry pump has 5 impellers
5. The diameter is 245mm.
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