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Centrifugal Sump Slurry Pump


This vertical sump pump is the cantilever pump structure of single stage and single suction, with the bearing housing, supporting, and intermediate pipe connecting the pump hydraulic components.
For the working principle of centrifugal sump slurry pump, the water is discharged out from the drain pipe parts, and pump impeller is for semi-shrouded with the agitating vane on the vane extended.
The main characteristic of this centrifugal sump slurry pump is that the underwater pump shaft parts have enough rigidity. The impeller and pump shell have no bearings, no shaft seal, which can transport the greater medium of solid particles. The length of inserting the water by slurry pump is between 800 and 2000; the suction pipe can be matched in case of need. The shaft seal runs into the underwater pump without setting up the shaft seal, drive should be installed the vertical motor on the supporting seat connecting with coupling and pump.

Application of Centrifugal Sump Slurry Pump

This vertical sump pumps are designed for delivering corrosive, large particle and high density slurries. The pump is widely used in metallurgy, mining, coal, power plant, building materials and environmental protection industrial departments, etc.

Working Principle of Centrifugal Sump Slurry Pump:
Pump box and motor are integrated in one self-contained unit. When in operation, the motor drives pump wheels turning to transmit energy to the media. It will create velocity that will drive the solids moving.


1. The motor is designed with mechanical seal protection, effectively preventing high pressure water and impurities from entering the motor cavity. In addition to the main impeller, there is a mixing impeller that helps extract slurry sediment in water.
2. Abrasion resistant: Impeller and mixing impeller wet parts are made of high wear resistant materials, abrasion resistance and no blockage, with good sewage-discharging capacity.
3. Cost-effective: This vertical sump pump doesn't need to be configured with vacuum pump.
4. Convenience: there is no need of mixing and spraying device configuration; it’s easy to operate. When the motor dives under the water, there is no need of ground protection device or fixtures.
5. No noise and vibration: The mixing impeller contacts deposition surface directly, the density is controlled via diving depth.
6.Model Selection and Design:The service life of our centrifugal sump pump and its performance stability are affected greatly by the design of models for sump slurry pump. A scientific model design makes the pump achieve high operation efficiency.

Typical one

Specification of Centrifugal Sump Slurry Pump 65(L) DV
1 Maximum Powers Applicable: 30 KW
2 The sleeve and impeller adopt anti-wear alloy materials
3 Flow Rate of this vertical sump pump is 23-111 m³/h
4 Head: 5-29.5m
5 Rotation Speed: 700-1500 r/min
6 Maximum Performance: 50%
7 five impellers and the diameter is 280mm
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