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Double Casing Froth Pump


Mineral processing often relies on the formation of froth to separate rich minerals from gangue. In the process chemicals and air are mixed. The rich minerals entrap the air and move as bubbles to the top of a flotation cell while sand and clays of no commercial value sink to the bottom to form tailings. This double casing froth pump belongs to a type of vertical slurry pump. It doesn’t require shaft seals.

Application of Vertical Foam Pump

Double casing froth pump is ideal product for the transportation of slurries with lots of froth, especially the slurries in the flotation process. The transporting ability of our vertical foam pump is far better than that of other products. It does not require shaft seals or seal water.

Features of Vertical Foam Pump

1. Our double casing froth pump comes with high efficiency, wear resistance and great parts interchangeability
2. Liners and impeller materials can use wear resistant metal or rubber.
3. The pump can eliminate the froth in the running slurry and work normally even if the feeding slurry is not enough.
4. The feeding suction in the tangent line can accelerate slurry transportation and eliminate part of the froth.
5. The belt and pulley are easy to be altered in order to change the speed according to the working condition.

Typical one

Specification of Vertical Foam Pump 100DF:
1 The flow rate of double casing froth pump is 10.8-212 m³/h
2 Head is 6.8-29.2m
3 Rotation Speed if double casing froth pump is 500-1050 r/min
4 Maximum performance is 20-55%
5 Maximum flow particle size is 55mm
6 Maximum powers applicable is 40KW
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