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Centrifugal Desulfurization Pump


Hebei Delin Machinery is a professional centrifugal desulfurization pump manufacturer and supplier in China. We specialize in desulfurization pump for flue gas, horizontal desulfurization pump and many other types of slurry pumps. Our pumps have been delivered to Iran, Brazil, Chile, Argentina, Bulgaria, Zambia etc. We are expanding more cooperation with partners across the world.

Features of Centrifugal Desulfurization Pump

1. Highly anti-abrasive: the wet parts adopt advanced hydraulic model, with technology optimized by CFD Performance Analysis to ensure reliability and high efficiency.
2. Centrifugal desulfurization pump adopts a double-case structure with replaceable hard alloy lining or rubber lining.
3. The desulfurization pump is with broad flow passage.
4. Delin centrifugal desulfurization pump is designed with robust construction.
5. X-shape pedestal takes up less space.
6. The rear side disassembly structure facilitates an easy checking or replacement of impeller and mechanical seal, with no need of disassembling inlet and outlet line of the pump.
7. Highly effective rigid alloy impeller.
8. Oil lubrication and high volume bearing assembly.
9. Design of direct coupling of pump and driver.

Typical one

Specifications of Centrifugal Desulfurization Pump 500DSC(R)

1、Flow Rate: 3900m³/h
2、Head: 26m
3、Rotation Speed: 740r/min
4、Maximum Performance: 85%
5、NPSH: 5m
6、Suction Diameter: 500mm
7、Discharge Diameter: 500mm
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