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Horizontal Dredge Pump


We are one of the leading manufacturers of various slurry pumps in China. Horizontal dredge pump is a versatile tool with advantage of low initial investment. At its heart there is a wear-resistant, hydraulically or electrically driven dredge pump. Different types of suction heads can be provided to suit any dredging situation. Horizontal dredge pump has been fitted out with a mechanical seal. Application of Horizontal Dredge Pump Mainly used for deep sea or offshore dredging, including extraction of sand and gravel, sludge suction, or transporting slurries.

Features of Horizontal Dredge Pump

1. As one type of DG series dredge pumps, horizontal dredge pumps adopt front dismantling structure for the ease of disassembling and maintenance.
2. According to different features of component, there is a special dismantling device equipped.
3. Impeller and shaft adopt a standard thread connection and have no release collar, which makes it convenient to disassemble the impeller.

Typical one

Specifications of Horizontal Dredge Pump DG300X250L

1、Flow rate is 500-950m³/h
2、Head: 10-42m
3、Rotation speed of the pump is 700r/min
4、Maximum performance of this horizontal dredge pump is 65%-68%
5、NPSH< 4m
6、Suction diameter is 300mm
7、Discharge diameter is 250mm
8、Maximum flow particle size of horizontal dredge pump is 220mm
9、Weight 3000kg
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