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Double Casing FGD Pump


We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of slurry pumps for various applications in China, including this double casing FGD pump. This pump is lined with hard alloy or rubber that is interchangeable, wear resistant, anti-abrasive and reliable. With compact cantilever design, double casing FGD pump is designed especially for transporting abrasive media containing fine particles. At the same time, our company has developed various materials for desulfuration system pump. Dismountable at back, without the need of dismantling the inlet and outlet line of the pump, it’s very convenient in terms of checking and changing the impeller and mechanical seal.

Application of Double Casing FGD Pump

Double casing FGD pump is a single stage, single-suction centrifugal pump that is designed for FGD (Flue Gas Desulfuration) system of thermal power station, used as the desulfuration circulating pump of absorber column (tower), filter feed pump, lime slurry transfer pump, ash paste discharge pump, and recovery pump.

Features of Double Casing FGD Pump

1. Highly anti-abrasive: the wet parts adopt advanced hydraulic model, with technology optimized by CFD Performance Analysis, to ensure reliability and high efficiency.
2. This double casing FGD pump is dismountable at back, so there is no need of dismantling the inlet and outlet line, making checking and changing of the impeller and mechanical seal is very convenient.
3. The pump end adopts double row tapered roller bearing and drive end adopts cylindrical roller bearing. The use of thin oil lubrication helps to improve working conditions of the bearing and its service life effectively.
4. Double casing FGD pump is with spacious flow passage.
5. Our FGD pump is tough, robust and energy-efficient.
6. X-shape pedestal takes up less space.
7. Low carbon stainless steel wet parts have resistance to chloride stress corrosion cracking ability and high mechanical strength; guarantee operating steadily and long life.
8. Long life wet parts surely stand long-term wear and tear.
9. The bearings use cartridge mechanical seal.
10. Long service life & low maintenance.

Typical one

Specifications of Double Casing FGD Pump 700DSC(R)

1、Flow Rate: 7600m³/h
2、Head: 27m
3、Rotation Speed: 560r/min
4、Maximum Performance: 87%
5、NPSH: 4.3m
6、Suction Diameter: 700mm
7、Discharge Diameter: 800mm
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