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Horizontal Desulfurization Pump


Hebei Delin Machinery is a professional horizontal desulfurization pump manufacturer and exporter in China. We specialize in desulfurization centrifugal pump and many other types of slurry pumps. Our horizontal desulfurization pumps have been exported to U.K., Germany, Canada, Russia, Vietnam, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran etc. We are expanding more cooperation with partners all over the world.

Application of Desulfurization Centrifugal Pump

Widely used as the desulfuration circulating pump of absorber column (tower), filter feed pump, lime slurry transfer pump, ash paste discharge pump, and recovery pump.


1. This horizontal desulfurization pump is designed with double-casing
2. Our FGD pump adopts hard alloy liners and rubber liners, interchangeable, anti-abrasion and wear-resistant
3. The pump is with high level of reliability
4. The desulfurization centrifugal pump is dismountable at back, so there is no need of dismantling the inlet and outlet line, making checking and changing of the impeller and mechanical seal is very convenient
5. Highly rigid alloy impeller
6. Oil lubrication and high volume bearing assembly
7. Pump and drive use direct connection design
8. The shaft seal uses cartridge mechanical seal
9. Long service life and low maintenance are other benefits of horizontal desulfurization pump

Material for Horizontal Desulfurization Pump

We developed a new kind of material for our desulfurization centrifugal pump - duplex phase stainless white iron - which is especially suitable for FGD devices. With anti-abrasive property of duplex stainless steel and corrosion resistance of high chrome white iron, the material qualifies for FGD process.
Pump casing, pump cover and adaptor plate are bearing pressure parts which are made of ductile iron and lined with rubber.
Impeller, suction cover/front liner insert are made of duplex phase stainless white iron; front liner, back liner, back liner insert are made of natural rubber which has good anti-corrosive property, light weight and low cost.

Slurry PumpsSlurry Pumps

Typical one

Specifications of Horizontal Desulfurization Pump 800DSC(R)

1、Flow Rate: 9800m³/h
2、Head: 27m
3、Rotation Speed: 550r/min
4、Maximum Performance: 90%
5、NPSH: 5.2m
6、Diameter of Suction: 800mm
7、Diameter of Discharge: 900mm
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